Join this friendly and adventurous girl as she enjoys life from her wheelchair—playing with her friends, celebrating at birthday parties, making music and more! But sometimes people stare, or pretend she’s not there, and that feels sad. In I Get Around in My Own Special Way, she bravely shares her wishes to be included, and offers helpful information on how to be kind, respectful and safe when interacting with a person with a disability or who uses an assistive device to get around. Written by a retired preschool teacher who uses a scooter herself to navigate daily life, I Get Around in My Own Special Way features simple, easy-to understand language and is intended to serve as a bridge between people living with disabilities and those without. Author Donna Goldman’s hope is that this book builds empathy, encourages inclusion and understanding, and helps the world view assistive devices like wheelchairs and scooters as the superpower gear they truly are.

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