What if you never had to worry about having enough cash to pay your team members? What if you took home a regular paycheck from your gym? What if you really could help people get healthy AND earn that retirement-worthy windfall? You are already physically fit. Now it s time to get to financially fit. Too many gym owners use their love of fitness as an excuse not to focus on money. The problem is, when they put profitability on the backburner, most of them end up closing their gym doors. In his new book, Profit First for Microgyms, John Briggs adapts the simple cash flow method revealed in Mike Michalowicz s bestselling book, Profit First, to help you become profitable from your very next deposit. Using humor and true stories about his clients and his own microgym, Briggs offers a step-by-step plan to help transform your microgym into a profitable business that is worthy of the legacy you want to leave behind.

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