The Laid Back Guide to Intermittent Fasting: How I Lost over 80 Pounds and Kept It off Eating Whatever I Wanted

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Kayla Cox was a frustrated mom of three, who weighed 222 pounds when she discovered intermittent fasting. She eventually lost over 80 pounds using this method of eating, but she had mixed results at first. She finally realized her big mistake: she was making it too complicated. She did not need to count calories, restrict carbs, or even limit her portion sizes. She found the best results when she made her plan simple and easy. When she started to practice intermittent fasting six days a week, walk six miles a day, and take a cheat day on Sunday, she found she could lose weight easily and consistently. 

She’s kept off the weight with what feels like very little effort, and has found she loves intermittent fasting as a way of life. She’s even started a YouTube channel, which now has over 29,000 subscribers, in order to tell others about the benefits she’s had with intermittent fasting. She wrote
this book to give an in-depth look at the weight loss journey she went on, including the struggles she had, the mistakes she made, and the process she used to lose the weight. 

The Laid Back Guide to Intermittent Fasting will give you all the tips, tricks, and lessons she’s learned on her journey to easy and permanent weight loss.       

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